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I'm LAUNCHING A Brand New Event And We're Going To Try To Market It & Get 1,000 Persons To Signup & Showup in 30 Days (And Generate At Least 250,000frs in Sales)

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Sit down in my tiny home office, start from scratch and launch an entrepreneurial event in 30 days that will have 1,000 signups and make at least 250,000frs in sales.

So I’m going try to design the concept of the event, chose the speakers, create the sales page, write the emails, run the facebook ads, set the reminders and actually get people to register and show up

In a nutshell, I’m going to try to make 6 figures from my home in 30 days and gather 1,000 people


We’ve spoken to some succesful friends home and broad who are going to be speakers at the event. We even vowed to them we’re bringing one thousand people on call

So for the next 30 days, I’ll be concentrated on building the sales page, writing the emails and setting email automations, writing the Facebook ads and designing some images, setting the reminders and running crazy Facebook and Instagram ads to get signups for the event

Plus some of my friends and clients would say I’m a marketing geneius😜, but I guess we’ll see in 30 days. 


1. 250,000frs worth of game to show you

 Anyone who gets attention wins!. If you can gather 1,000 people at any pointof your life for what ever reason, you automatically become a powerhouse. It doesn’t matter if youre going ot be using this as a coach, a business owner, an entrepreneru, you’ll go home with unfiltered

2. Unfiltered access to the real digital marketing work

Unfiltered access to the real digital marketing which many people are yearning to learn. This includes step by step strategies and real open introduction to ALL the best and up to date software that I’ll use to put all these together, show you the funnel and show you the Facebook ads, Instagram ads and real email marketing

3. Unprotected access to me for the entire time

A lot of people say I’m one of the best marketing gurus around and this is going to be your biggest asset through out the challenge. You’ll get the opportunity to ask me any questions about the software I’m using,  the strategies we’re going to be using and how I’m putting things together and you can even stop me on each step to explain.

2. Access To The Full £ Days Event & It's Complete Recordings

We’re going to be building and marketing an event together and you’d definitely want to see how that goes.

Imagine sitting at an event with one thousand people and you’re aware of every single thing that was done behind the scenes to get them there? haha That’s nutsssss

Plus, you’ll get to attend and not just benefit from all the speakers we bring, I’d get my team to make available all the recorded sessions for you (This recorded sessions are going to be sold at $18 (10,000frs)


Now! The moment you sign up here you’re in for our first session (we won’t wait for others coming in late)


Twice a week we’re going to get on an exclusive LIVE call, I’ll show you what I’m doing that week and also give you some assignments. This means you can come along with your own product/service in mind and as I’m building, you’ll be building yours by the side. I’ll give you little assignments and we can review it together

Imagine me and you working on your marketing together?

And as it’s going to be just me and you, we’re going to fix our schedules together, we can even do late nights or early mornings if that’s going to be a good time to open your brain… 

Maybe You Don't Know Me?

My name is Arrey Bate and I’ve now been featured on BBC, Fox, NBC And CNBC in the US

I’m the author of the book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media” and I don’t think there’s anyone who’s obsessed about social media like I am

Just 3 short years ago, I launched a new company called ARREYB Media while I was in my second year of the University

And as the non-techy naive student with no skills in social media, I wasn’t able to make any money from it in the first year

So In 2017, a crisis began in Cameroon when I was in my second year of university. I remember fighting tooth & nail to survive amidst constant shootings and attacks. 

I couldn’t rely on my parents who lived 228 kilometres away, & when allowance came, I had less than $18/pm(10,000FCFA)

That’s how I started to brainstorm. 

Social media seemed like my only hope at the time, but the big question was…

“How do I start?”

I started a blogging business from my student laptop & a phone which my elder brother gifted me & when I started having around 30,000 monthly visits, I gathered a small team & we pitched local businesses to buy banner ads. 

Honestly it was tough to get advertisers & that was between 2017 & 2018 when we experienced a series of internet shutdowns. 

That year I dropped out from school & during that time I tested many things

Most of the things I tried didn’t work…

But a few of the real secrets that worked started to compound on each other. Each new trial helped me to discover something which led to another.

Fast forward to now, I’ve had the opportunity to be awarded among British Council’s 2019 top 100 young journalists worldwide at Future News, invited & interviewed live at BBC headquarters in London, written one of Cameroon’s bestselling internet books, hosted several conferences & workshops training more than 2,000 young entrepreneurs in Cameroon, made several television appearances, shared my story at international events & building a community of 20,000+ entrepreneurs.

But it’s not just the tv appearances or the accolades

I have also used same social media secrets to market and fill the wallets of my clients by bringing them dream clients, either by building sales funnels or running online marketing campaigns, including in presidential campaigns in my country Cameroon

And as I am growing I have decided to start sharing and teavhing my knowledge to the people who are

As you can probably see, getting access to the ‘1k Challenge’ is like having me mentor you as your own personal funnel coach!

The only difference is that at this stage you would not buy a 1 hour consulting call with me for anything less. In fact, right now the CHEAPEST you can hire me to “pick my brain” is $207 for an hour  
So, to get all these days with me showing you everything which you can later steal and tweek for your own business just $100 is crazy!
The truth is I might fail. I have a business with 20+ employees, I’m a dad, boyfriend, keynote speaker, always on the go and servicing 140,000 students. I got two choices: I can make excuses or I can make it happen. I choose to make it happen and I look forward to doing it with you. LFG!
With excitement,
Billy Gene

It's $87 bucks (50,000frs), if you're looking for free you can kick rocks with no shoe 👞


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This is truly a limited offer, so claim your Spot now before the Challenge Is Closed To Join!

Thanks for taking out time to read this letter and I hope to see you inside

PS : In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the page, here’s the deal

I’m inviting you to join the 1k Challenge with me(Arey Bate). It’s going to be 4 weeks. My goal is simple, to sit down in my tiny home office, start from scratch and launch an entrepreneurial event in 30 days that will have 1,000 signups and make at least 250,000frs in sales. I’m going try to design sales funnels, create the sales page, write the emails, run the facebook ads, set the reminders WITH YOU. Our goal is to get people to register and show up

Plus you’re going to be having access to 250,000frs worth of game, you’ll have access to all the software I use, learn the real digital marketing secrets, get unprotected access to me and even get to attend the event and have all the recordings of our amazing speakers

It’s going to cost 50,000frs to join me on the challenge and there is not catch and no hidden plan attached to the offer and you will NOT be signing up into any trial to some monthly program or anything like that.

And if you don’t love the challenge from day 2, I’ll even refund you and let you go away with the knowledge from those days for FREE

So click the button below to join the challenge now, you won’t regret it!

You can pay by mobile money, or send a direct payment to the mobile number +237679701437 and send proof of payment to us my WhatsApp