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How To Properly Use ChatGPT & 4 Other Secret AI Tools To Save Time, Multiply Efforts & Stay Ahead Of The Curve

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Access & Harness AI Tools for your Brand Or Career From Anywhere In Africa Including Cameroon & Nigeria (Even If You Don't Know Where To Start)

WHEN: June 3rd & June 4th (5pm Daily)

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At The AI Summit, You'll quickly discover:

5 secret AI tools every entrepreneur, career person and freelancer should be using to gain decisive advantage over others

How to instantly incorporate AI to your brand to save time, multiply efforts and stay ahead of the curve (no matter your industry)

How AI tools can be used anywhere in Africa (including Cameroon, Nigeria) and how to get started even if you’re just a newbie

Hosted & Presented By Your Very Own...

Arrey Bate

The past four years, Arrey Bate has built a gathered following of 77,000+ entrepreneurs as Cameroon’s leading internet entrepreneur who has been featured on the BBC, British Council, Fox, NBC and CBS.

He has been awarded among British Council’s 2019 top 100 worldwide, GLC2021 top 100 young leaders from 30 countries, the official winner of the 2021 Global Leadership Challenge by Oxford University, has spoken at Mechigan State University USA and keynote speaker at the 51st St Gallen Symposium Switzerland (the world’s most relevant organisation and platform for cross-generational dialogue and collaboration).

Passionate about building people, Arrey is the author of the best-selling internet book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media”

Join The AI Summit where we'll spill the beans on AI strategies that will Show You How To:

Supercharge your business, capture more customers, and multiply your team's capabilities all without breaking a sweat.

You’ll gain FREE insights and mysteries behind AI tactics that are demolishing the competition. Hustlers like you can’t afford to miss out. Worst case scenario, you’ll walk away with a game plan to turbocharge your brand or career moving forward

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