“why these memories?”

On me, I had two small items; my travel suitcase with all the necessary and my bass guitar hanging over my back like some emtilas rockstar haha😀🎸

Desperate to succeed

6 years ago I made a phone call to my mom that changed my life. Every 10th of April on my birthday, I try and make a personal commitment for the next phase of my life and live up to it no matter the cost

Deepen Your Perspective-Arrey Bate

The #1 emails and messages I get every time are friends who reach out and share about their plans to quit their jobs, start a business and how they’re feeling frustrated with their current work

Shifting Your Old Money Mindsets-Arrey Bate

Dear , for you and me growing up, a lot of times we watched our parents run into daily financial problems. Some of them ran away from landlords, quarrelled with debtors and struggled with the little they made to feed the family​.