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STEP #1:

Subscribe & Turn ON Notification On Youtube For The LIVE Day

First things first, we’re going to use a private Youtube Broadcast for the LIVE event (and apart from publishing Dear ARREYB [The Podcast] to Spotify, Google and Apple podcasts, the Youtube Channel is where Episode 1 will be published for the GIVEAWAY).

So, click the button below to SUBSCRIBE & TURN ON the “NOTIFY ME” bell for the scheduled event.  (you will get notified once we’re live)


Step 2:

Join the WhatsApp Channel

We’ve also created a brand new WhatsApp Channel for the purpose of this event where we’d share all event updates, giveaway and other free resources.

Click the button below to join the channel, make sure you TURN ON notifications so you don’t miss an update.

STEP #3:

Mark Your Calendar NOW For The LIVE - 7pm GMT+1 on Sunday Feb 4, 2024

You do NOT want to be late. There’s so much to uncover and you’ll be in competition with other attendees ready to dissect and apply these strategies. We start on time and You must attend LIVE to get the most out of this event and win the giveaway.

So planning starts now, make sure your calendar is marked on your phone and you’re ready to go!


Check Your Email Inbox

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