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Here Are Your Final Steps (Including Your Private Zoom Link Below)...

It's Time To Start Getting Ready!

STEP #1:

Join The Official Facebook Group - 'Smart AfrikPreneurs With Arrey Bate'

This group is for career persons, entrepreneurs, business owners and anyone who wants to start a new business, scale an existing one or generate more leads online (no spam or business promotions) It’s a dedicated group, full of fresh members looking to share, connect and grow. If you’re not in, Come join us!

STEP #2:

Share This Event on Social Media...

Now that you’re in, share in the excitement of the event and let someone benefit from your kindness.

Tell your friends you’re part of this amazing event coming up and ask them to sign up for FREE (of course only the serious ones like you) 

1. CLICK and HOLD on any image above to download (you can download both)

2. With the downloaded image, copy and paste this short text to your social media…

My dear friends, I just signed up for the official launch of The Smart Club with Arrey Bate and I’m anxiously looking forward to discovering step-by-step ways to grow a reputable brand online. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, business owner or career person, come join us (for FREE) no matter your level and industry. Sign up now at


STEP #3:

Mark Your Calendar NOW For The LIVE - This Coming Tuesday February 7, 2023, At Exactly 7pm GMT+1...

You do NOT want to be late. There’s so much to uncover and you’ll be in competition with other entrepreneurs & business owners ready to dissect and apply these strategies. We start on time and You must attend LIVE to get the most out of this event.

So planning starts now, make sure your calendar is marked on your phone and you’re ready to go!

STEP #4:

Pick Your Best Platform & Follow Arrey Bate On Social Media

I’ll be sharing daily updates of this event on social media.  And beyond this event, I constantly share a thorn of value and free stuffs online which you don’t want to miss. So pick any one or two of these platforms and connect on social media.

STEP #5:

Your Private Zoom Link: The Official Launch Of The Smart Club with Arrey Bate

Here’s your private login details to The Smart Club Launch1

When it’s 6:45pm GMT+1 on Tuesday Feb 7, 2022 join the LIVE below:

Click Below To Join Zoom Meeting:

Click Here To Join The Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 9630 9686
Passcode: SmartClub1

Once again my friend, I’m so anxious for you to see what we have prepared and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure this is worth your time…

See you soon my friend!