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My Smart Friend ...

As an assurance, you’re going to be uncovering some of my best known secrets to start and build a brand online no matter your industry

If you are…

...stuck anywhere between 0 to 500k per month, and want to get further within 30 days, I'm hosting this LIVE webinar for you

You probably know a little of my story. I started out in my student room in Buea after dropping out of school with no real skills and started ARREYB Media. 

After many years and failing and finding my feet, all of a sudden–as if a rocket booster got strapped my ass…

...we catapulted the business to some 4,000,000 months and several hundred thousand days...

Plus being featured on some of the world’s biggest stages like the BBC, British Council, Fox, NBC, CBS etc…

Well on November 12, I’m going to show you exactly what we did. And whether you’re a new-bie or already building your brand, this is going to help get you over the hump…

So My Smart Friend, the training is Free, BUT...

I ONLY want serious people on this LIVE. There will be a Q&A and I don’t need any weirdos…

So it’s 4,900frs($7) deposit to attend, and if you show up, you get Your Money back (100%) - No Questions Asked!

If you don’t show up, I keep it and you don’t get any replay. And I promise to spend it on something really stupid.

That's The Deal & More Than 40 Serious Persons Are In Already

Plus, I’ll be doing something really special at this event.

I'll be pitching a 50,000frs offer!

Yeah that’s right!

This is for any career person, business owner or entrepreneur who wants to work with me intimately to build the next phase of their career or brand over the course of the year. 

No cap and we only have 20 spots available for this (if you’re smart you could win a spot)

But since only 20 spots are available on this offer, consider this entire event a COMPLETE FEEBIE.

That means I’m determined to bring the value for about two hours. And even if by some mysterious means you don’t get a single golden nugget out of the event (which I doubt you won’t), you’ll at least get to watch me pitch a 50,000frs offer on a two hour webinar–and you can take all the ideas and everything I do, and go implement for yourself.

(Now that I am typing this, it sounds kind of crazy but you’re gonna watch me do all of this)

Submit your deposit below and and get your private invite on the next page (mobile money and credit cards accepted)

That Said…

Remember, if you show up, you get your money back... but if you don't show up, I keep the 4,900frs and spend it on something really dumb.

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The 1 Day LIVE With Arrey Bate FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Arrey, is this training actually live with you?

    Yes I will be there with bells and whistles on, in flesh

  • Is this training free?

    Yes, as long as you show up. You will submit your 4,900frs deposit and as long as you attend the entire training, you’ll have an opportunity to request your deposit back at the end. If you don’t show up, you don’t get it back.

  • Will I really get my deposit back?

    No, I'm going to ruin my entire reputation I've built for the past 5 years over a measly 4,900frs right?🙄

  • Will you really spend it on something stupid?

    Yes. I'm already considering making a post sharing the "dumb" things I do with the money from people that didn’t show up. First on my list will be buying gnut oil for someone online (especially now that gnut oil is expensive)

  • What exactly will you cover?

    I’m covering how to start and scale to 500k a month with your brand in 3 STEPS. That’s all the details you need to know now. If you’re more concerned with what you’ll learn, rather than what you’ll achieve as a result, this training is not for you

  • Do I have to be at 500k per month?

    Well I’m not going to audit your books or anything to know how much you make, this is for all levels so if you have the deposit submitted you can attend. Will you learn something? Absolutely. Now I'll be counting on you not to be too lazy to implement.

  • How many spots are available?

    Initially I wanted just 30 spots but let's see how that goes. Spots have already been taken and I've only sent one email out. Most people may want to get in on the last day when I'd be like💁‍♂️ so I recommend you get in now as it will sell out fast.

  • Are you really pitching a 50k offer?

    Yes. I will be pitching an offer that cost 50,000frs for any lucky 20 persons to work with me intimately on building the next phase of their career or brand. If you're lucky and smart enough to get in, you should be sitting in one of those 20 precious spots

  • Will you actually teach stuff or is it just a pitch?

    If you’ve ever read anything from me or sat at any of my trainings, you already know the answer to that question. I dish out lots of value. And even if this event was just a pitch, you’ll still learn something watching me do it. But it’s not.

  • Will you be taking questions?

    I’ll be taking good questions. If you come on there and ask me if maggie is black, my assistant is going to mute you....

    But for the really thoughtful questions, I live for that. If I knew answering something will make your life better and make you wiser, I'll do everything in my experience to bring you an accurate answer that's easy to implement. Just being honest, I'd love thoughtful questions...

  • Why are you so direct?

    Well, I'm a bit of both. Sometimes brutally honest where I don't sugar-coat my words, and other times I'm the nicest being in the room, all smiling and throwing my jokes here and there. 

    I believe life needs both Sheep and Lion sides

    Generally, If I knew doing anything will make you a better person and get you to action, I'd do/say it and not care if you twist your face left or right. 

  • Will I actually be able to replicate this in my business?

    The last time I checked, replicating this gave me some 4 million months and hundred thousand days. Took me years to figure it out but I’ll be sharing during the webinar in a way that you can implement under 30 days

  • Should I get it now?

    The only reason you wouldn’t get in now is if you hate your brand or career. Quite honestly, what's 4,900frs ($7) compared to what you're looking to build? I hear some people are actually allergic to growth. Usually, the same people are allergic to hard work.