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Ready to increase your online sales and scale your revenue?

We’re a remote advertising company dedicated to helping luxury womenswear fashion labels scale to 6 & 7-figures using paid advertising and End-to-End marketing.

Precision-Targeted Paid Social (TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram Ads)

With your own dedicated Paid Social ad genius, expert media buyer and in-house copywriter, we manage your campaigns from start to finish.

Boost Traffic

We use SEO to grow the quality and quantity of your traffic by increasing the visibility of the store to users of a web search engine like Google. Do you have anywhere between 500-100,000 visitors per month? It's time to double, triple or quadruple it.

Email Marketing

Still using the super-basic Shopify feature for email marketing? Take advantage of your email list and drive an extra 30% of revenue from your subscribers. No more cash left on the table.

The Problem…

Something terrible is happening...


You produce great pieces, you have fantastic branding and an amazing team… but you don’t have enough eyes on your product. 

Or even worse… 

You do have eyes on your product, but you don’t retarget serious buyers and cart abandoners.

  1. You’re spending money “experimenting” with Instagram or Google ads and don’t know your ROI.
  2. You struggle to dedicate time to focus on your digital marketing.
  3. You’re missing out on sales by failing to retarget abandoned carts. ​
  4. Your email list doesn’t make up at least 30% of your monthly revenue.
  5. You’re pausing ad campaigns because they aren’t profitable. ​
  6. You can’t scale your ad account while remaining profitable.
  7. Your store conversion rate is extremely low.

The Solution…

Partner with Xemra Media to boost your sales and turn traffic into profit.

We do one thing – and we do it ridiculously well.

Paid Ads

Not web design, social media management, content creation, email marketing or PR – blah, blah blah. Just paid ads.

Just Paid ads.

Brands that trust us

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By the end of this Demo you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to start scaling your brand’s online sales.

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By the end of this Demo you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to start scaling your brand’s online sales.

Watch the case study to find out how we do it.

“How we help 5 to 7-figure High Fashion Brands scale to 7 & 8-figures using End-to-End Marketing.”

Case study reveals:

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Scale your ecommerce store to 7 & 8-figures using paid traffic and retargeting.

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