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DATE: Saturday October 29, 2022 (5pm)


The 1 Day LIVE With Arrey Bate

My dear friend, maybe you’re looking to level up your career or launching an entrepreneurial venture, and you’re not sure where to start with building the brand

Or you’ve already started and you’re trying to build more audience and scale…

I’m going to share with you 3 uncommon secrets on building a solid brand that won’t be tossed by the wind

Secret #1 - Starting Off (With Or Without Clients)

We will kick off this EXCITING LIVE in the first minute by showing you the high level strategy that I used to go with my brand from 0 clients to being able to generate leads and clients on demand from the internet. It will be exciting as you see how this method will work for YOUR SPECIFIC brand/business!

Secret #2 - Creating Your Brand's Unbeatable Pitch & The Surest Route To Getting Your First/Next Consistent Client

When you've learned the proper way to kick off with your brand and how to set the right systems in place, next step is to NOT ONLY get your first/next client, but how to a small funnel route that you can turn on and off anytime you want consistent clients. I will be showing you a simple process of taking your own framework or using someone else's, and then quickly building a "one liner" that will act like a pitch to get people to come to you! NOTE: In this section. I will give you the exact line (for FREE) that I used and still use to approach clients. You can tweak a word or two in it and this will help you to build your "one liner" fast!

Secret #3 - Systems & Scaling

After you've created your "One Liner," the next step is to understand how that fits into a system specifically for your brand. That's when you know you're building a real brand The goal here is to make sure that you build an entire brand where you're aware of everything that goes on around your brand, and can pin-point what to tweak if you need to scale. I'll show you the one thing that changed the game for me and gave me 4 million months with my brand.

(Bonus) Secret #4 - Mentorship

Now that you've learned how to start-off your brand, create your brand's one-liner pitch that will bring you consistent clients and understand how to scale with systems, I'm gonna show you how to use mentorship to scale to the next level and point you back to possibly the best mentorship resource I could possibly think off. NOTE: On this part we will give you the opportunity to apply and get access to a NEW mentorship club (not FREE) that will help you to build your brand further. This will only be for 20 persons so regardless of whoever gets selected, the event is still going to meet your need and I trust that you will leave there knowing exactly what to do in raising the bar with your brand

This is a FREE Training. There Are No Costs, But There Is A Limited Time Condition To Save Your Seat!

Hosted & Presented By Your Very Own...

Arrey Bate, Founder ARREYB Media

Over the past 4 years, Arrey Bate has built a gathered following of 77,000+ entrepreneurs as Cameroon’s leading internet entrepreneur who has been featured on the BBC, British Council, Fox, NBC and CBS. He grew famous for his work on social media and for building a community for entrepreneurs and career persons across Africa where he constantly shares his journey

Arrey has a popular story for dropping out of the University and moving from an inconsistent $9 feeding allowance to start ARREYB Media, an online business he began during the moments of a deep political crisis —in his student room using a phone and laptop his elder brother gifted him. Today ARREYB Media runs a news website and a marketing agency called ARREYB Is Marketing and Arrey constantly shares his journey and stories. to thousand of entrepreneurs and career persons on social media and emails.  

Among several achievements, Arrey has been listed among the British Council’s 2019 top 100 worldwide, GLC2021 top 100 young leaders from 30 countries, the official winner of the 2021 Global Leadership Challenge by Oxford University, has spokon at Mechigan State University USA and keynote speaker at the 51st St Gallen Symposium Switzerland (the world’s most relevant organisation and platform for cross-generational dialogue and collaboration)

Arrey Bate is the author of the best-selling internet book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media”

This is a FREE Webclass. There Are No Costs, But Time Is Very Limited


We've Got Some Incredibly Exciting News At The event...

For the first time ever we’re launching a private club for 20 persons who are either entrepreneurs, small business owners or career persons. It was a request by multiple friends from my Smart Friends community who asked if we could create a platform for people to privately learn from me, hop on one-to-one private calls, pick my brain and get my day-to-day guidance on almost anything business, personal development, digital marketing, sales, copy writing, email marketing, Facebook ads, public speaking and leadership which some of my super powers.

So included in this event is an exclusive opportunity to join the 20-man club which in the last 15mins!

Plus, joining us will be numerous entrepreneurs from different niches and different countries. If you’re just getting started or looking for new connections, this will be awesome for you.

Plus Live Q&A

Join The 1 Day LIVE With Arrey Bate (For FREE)

And I'll Show You The EXACT Step-By-Step Method For Starting & Building A Rock-Solid Brand & Generating Clients That Are Excited To Buy From You (No Matter Your Industry...)

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