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Arrey Bate: The Entrepreneurial Journey 4 Years On!

The last few years have been incredibly special​​

Today makes it 4 years since I made a decision to start my entrepreneurial journey​​​​

4 years ago, I started a new company called ARREYB Media while I was in my second year of the university​​​​

I began my journey with a small phone which my elder brother NDIP gifted me (the same phone which later got stolen. And when I wrote my first book, I decided to dedicate it to the thief)

​​​​As a non-techy and naive student with no skills in social media, I wasn’t able to make any money from my efforts the very first year​​​​

That was in 2017, around the same time when the Anglophone crisis intensified in Cameroon​​​​I needed to find a MEANS of SURVIVING amidst all the gunshots​​​​I couldn’t rely on my parents who lived kilometres away from me (and were battling the same crisis, trapped at home amidst the random shootings outside).​​

That time if my allowance came, I had to bite on a small amount of $10(5,000FCFA) a month​​​​ONE OF MY BIGGEST FEARS WAS THAT I WAS GOING TO FAIL and not have anywhere to sleep or anything to eat​​​

So when I decided to start, as a motivation to myself, I wanted to let go of every safety net I could fall back on​​​​

That year on my birthday I secretly called my mom and said to her “Thank you for everything, but TODAY I’d like to stop receiving an allowance from you and Dad”​​​​

That was how I started to BRAINSTORM ​​​​


I wanted to learn how to fish for myself, find a way to foot my small bills and just to survive in all the troubles​​​

But the big question was HOW DO I START?​​​

That same year I DROPPED OUT FROM SCHOOL and moved out of Buea (to Mutengene)​​​During that time, I almost lost my brain​

My friends thought I was crazy! ​​​Everything started to seem confusing for me​​​It was very hard to get anything from my social media business

​​​I TESTED EVERYTHING​​​If someone said to me ‘Arrey this will make you more money online” I’d jump on it desperately, and without a second thought​​​​

Most of the things I tried in that early stage DIDN’T WORK ​​​​

But as I kept trying, a few of the REAL SECRETS that did work, started to compound on each other over time​​​​

Even though I failed multiple times…

​​​Each new trial actually helped me to DISCOVER SOMETHING NEW which led to one thing and then another… ​​​​

That was how I started to find my voice gradually​​​​

What seemed completely impossible before (making a small living from my social media), was slowly becoming a reality​​​​

Because of the social media secrets I have learnt and practiced in the years of my Entrepreneurial journey, I have set up a small business now making a living online with my small team​​​​

And while that is a happy life for me, that’s just one of the successes I’ve had​​​​Interviewed live from the BBC, listed among British Council’s top 100 worldwide, writing a best selling book… are some of my successes​​​​

This equals several conferences and workshops me and my team have organized, training more than 2,000 young entrepreneurs on some of my social media secrets​​​​

But IT’S NOT JUST my books, the workshops or the little praises that excite me​​​​Over the past 4 years, I’ve built a connection with thousands of entrepreneurs I call My Friends who I genuinely care about​​​​

So as I am BUILDING on these secrets and DOCUMENTING the strategies I am discovering in real time, I have always put them together and sharing my stories to young entrepreneurial friends and ambitious persons like myself that relate with my story

​​​​Documenting my observations, my failures, my road blocks, my success … have soon become one of the most favourite moments of my entrepreneurial journey

​​​​It is one of my fundamental beliefs that when we reach a small point of success in business (or in life), in order to continue GROWING, the STUDENT must become the TEACHER, and HELP OTHERS who are on the same journey

​​​​It’s been 4 years of an incredibly journey finding my voice, and most importantly, SERVING YOU MY DEAR FRIENDS​​​​

The dream is to BUILD one of AFRICA’S LARGEST INTERNET COMPANIES and GIVE BACK to my community sharing my money and my wealth of knowledge! ​​​​

I have been secretly working on lots backstage ​​​​

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Like I always say…​​​​

Cheers to many more years of shamelessly living and crazily excelling in passion and purpose​​​​​

Arrey Bate

Internet Entrepreneur | Author | Journalist