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Arrey Bate is a Cameroonian entrepreneur, author and journalist. Over the past 5 years, Arrey Bate has built a combined following of over 300,000+ entrepreneurs as Cameroon’s leading internet entrepreneur who has been featured on the BBC, British Council, Fox, NBC and CBS. He grew famous for his work on social media and for building a community for entrepreneurs and career persons across Africa where he constantly shares his journey. 

Arrey has a popular story for dropping out of the University and moving from an inconsistent $9/pm feeding allowance to start ARREYB Media, an online business he began during the moments of a deep political crisis —in his student room using a phone and laptop his elder brother gifted him.

Among several achievements, Arrey has been listed among the British Council’s 2019 top 100 worldwide, GLC2021 top 100 young leaders from 30 countries, the official winner of the 2021 Global Leadership Challenge at Oxford University, has spoken at Michigan State University USA and keynote speaker at the 51st St Gallen Symposium Switzerland (the world’s most relevant organisation and platform for cross-generational dialogue and collaboration)

Arrey Bate is the author of the best-selling internet book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media

As Arrey grows, he finds the need to constantly share his journey and stories weekly to thousands of people on social media and emails whom he calls his Smart Friends. He has over 21,000+ Smart Friends  in the community who receive  mind-blowing email every week to fortify your life & business [FREE]


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“When all my work is over, every night I walk home with the fulfilment of the lives I have impacted by genuinely sharing my stories, and the thousands of friends I serve to help build their lives. This to me, is the biggest gain of my journey”- Arrey Bate