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Arrey Bate Shares Special Winning Strategy In Business

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My dear friends, happy new year and hope you’re enjoying the season and most importantly taking a moment to reflect on how blessed you are, to have made it through this tough 2020. I know you all have been making plans for 2021 so there is ONE THING I’ve been reflecting on, and I want to quickly share with you about 2021 on my website.

I insisted on sharing it alongside my new year wish to you all because I think it’ll greatly help even if we don’t talk again until next year, so please be attentive.

9 days ago, I shared something on phone with a friend, and we started to lament because we realized it was some little but very costly mistake which many of us young African entrepreneurs and business people were making​ 
 It started with a simple thought like this …

The number reason why some of our tiny businesses won’t grow beyond its present level in 2021 is because we keep hoping to use the same FREE and COST-EFFECTIVE strategies to scale BIG to the next million milestone​ ​ ​
 Look guys, this may seem very simple to say but it is very critical because every entrepreneur, every business owner and every founder will hit this roadblock at some point as you grow (you may have passed it, but every time, business will ask you to prove it)

And quite frankly, there’s no way around it! People who want to make MORE MONEY, SPEND MORE Money.​ Or maybe “INVEST MORE MONEY” would be the proper words to use​​. I run an online business which manages millions for clients in online advertising budget every month.

I talk to clients every time and when someone flips to me about the cost of tools they need to run a company, I feel it’s a little like saying “Gimme the nice car, but I’ve got no gas to fuel it🤔”…​ ​​ 

Think about this as you make plans for your future

If you’re struggling to get clients or make sales,(as long as you’re already sure that your product is the value the market is looking for) then it’s an indication that what you need right now is to invest on the client acquisition strategy of your business.​

If you struggle with building your business systems, it’s an indication that you need to hire some expert coaching and consulting services​. Talk to someone who’s already where you want to be, and many times, cheeping in a little coin may pluck out their best secrets for you. If you’re anything like me, this thing is your life (because it feeds you and helps you to support family when you make some extra).

So my dear friends, if you’re spending a franc on your business/talent every month, don’t expect it to make a million for you​ in 2021 “People who don’t spend and keep flipping the same old business strategies, will keep floating around the loop of making the same old regular ‘pnuts’ every time”​ ​- ( Arrey Bate)

Think about this as you end your business year and jump into next year plans. I suggest that every month, you think about investing a little money into your business or service. If you’re building a personal skill / brand, take the time each month to invest a little into it, on special courses, successful mentors, work equipment, whatever moves you a step ahead

I run an online company, we run a social media marketing agency and a news website. Every month we try getting into the habit of reinvesting a little of our profit budget back into advertising and that’s how I pick up more clients and get some better working software If it’s a skill you’re building, invest in your skills and services, Invest in your marketing, Invest on creating a thorn of value to your audience, and Invest on your business tools.​

It mustn’t be too much money, but each month, try as much as possible to hit a little bigger record than you did the previous month 

Merry merry and happy new year to you all and family. This will apply to you no matter what year you do read this and I do pray that the days ahead come with some good favor in your life.

I have a good feeling about the future

Arrey Bate
Internet Entrepreneur,
Author, best selling book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media”