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The Crazy Stye In My Eye And The Trouble Most Entrepreneurs Face!

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Something super crazy happened the other week. ​​​If you’re an entrepreneur you’ve probably had to face this many times.

​​​​In November 2020 when I was about taking a social media break, I wanted to record a series of videos before disappearing. ​​​​The plan was that in my absence, we could still have the team use the video content I’ll create, to consistently run ads to our funnels, make some sales and to generate more clients for our marketing agency​​​​

That week I developed a strange bump on my eyelid (check the comment section)

​​​​Funny right?​​​​

It was like a boil and it became quite visible that I was very worried about recording a video with it

​​​​​Do you know how this went?

​​​I tried to consult with a doctor. He ran some quick tests and said to me …​​​’Arrey what you have on your left eye is called a stye.This actually is not affecting your sight, so it will just go away if you keep applying hot pressure to it”​​​”… But unfortunately, it may take months before it disappears..”​​ ​​​

Do you get the picture?​​

​​​​That means I had two options: Record those videos with a fat swollen eye or leave the team hanging without content for four months I was away (which will cause us to be loosing much money and still be paying for monthly software subscriptions)​​​​

To be honest I felt a little FRUSTRATED with that tiny thing​​ ​​​​I knew that if I jumped on a marketing video with a big eye, it’ll not augur well for marketing​​​

Or maybe someone would be more interested in my swollen eye than what I was saying in the video ​​ ​​​​

But something interesting happened… ​​ ​​

​​3 days later when the swollen eye did not go away or reduce in seize, I decided to just do it!​​​​ That morning, I started by sitting on my bed to do a ‘first take’ from my phone (kinda-like a rehearsal for the main shoot)​​​​

But just there on the bed, when I shared the first take with a friend, he was like, ‘just use it that way’! He loved it ​​​.

So that ‘rough one take’ video became the video ​​​​

Can you imagine that?​​​​ ​​

Long story short, over the last four months I was away, we ran ads every single day with THAT SAME VIDEO ​​​Spent hundreds of thousands on ads and getting people to come into our sales funnels​​ ​​ ​​

In those four months that simple video produced a little over 1,013 downloads to the Social Media Game Plan, the audio-book I recorded

​​​The video has now produced the highest number of sales we ever recorded in a single day for my book

​Plus, 3 small business owners who watched it went and booked a client consulting session (although I wasn’t promoting a consultancy session)

​​​But man, I need you to understand one thing clearly​​​

I’m not telling you this story because I want you to sympathise with my eye …​​​

Far from it! ​​​I wanted to share this story with you because…​​​​

As an entrepreneur, a lot of times we’re trying to give ourselves reasons why we’re not good enough or ready to execute​​​​

Or maybe we’re trying to figure out everything from the start​​​I constantly have to remind myself of this at every point of my own journey​​​

Just like I nearly ruled out recording a video because I felt the stye was a major problem​​​

Turns out it was not such a big deal as my mind had magnified it! You may have watched the video

Bro, you may not be in my industry so you’re not having to deal with recording videos or marketing​​​​. Maybe you’re building something else that will secure your future, save your family, help your community and put more impact in the world​​​ ​​

Or maybe you’re just having to deal with some personal stuff and you’ve been holding back on it​​​

Don’t let a small bump in the eye rob you of the victory so easily…​​​And don’t wait to figure it all at the start​​ ​​

When you’re building any product, If there’s one very important lesson I’ve learnt over the years in my journey, it is that the market is NOT looking for a perfect product​​​​

‘Perfect is always from our perspective, and when you’re selling anything, it is the market that truly validates the product, not your opinion’ – ​ Arrey Bate​​​​

​​​​​Cheers to many more years of shamelessly living and crazily excelling in passion and purpose

​​​​Arrey Bate

Internet Entrepreneur | Journalist | Author​​​​