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Arrey Bate Throws light On How To Go DEEP Not WIDE

In 2021, I introduced a special tete-a-tete marketing consultation where I charge $349 (xaf 215,000) for two hours👇​At first I was a little scared about launching this session for several reasons​. I knew that I have an over 70% Cameroonian audience and they’d start to ask questions like “is this worth it?” or “Arrey our business can’t afford… So we started by testing the coaching session as an offer inside my sales funnels. We threw them after freebies, lead magnets and low ticket items like my book which we’re constantly selling… ​Not everyone accepted it! (and if I’m being honest , I can count the number of people who booked in on one hand🖐️)​ So, this year, as we went back and started throwing in some more personal help and increased the value which beat even the price, the responses have been exciting… ​This past week, four more business owners booked in to have their private sessions​

How it works?​

On zoom for two hours, I’d take a deep look into their marketing. I share my screen, we spot and plug all the holes in their Facebook ads, Instagram ads, sales funnels and email marketing campaigns and I let them peep some of the cool stuff I’m doing with my own ads and for clients. For those who don’t have a marketing system, we try and create one for them​ (plus, we produce a recorded video of the entire session and send to them. it’s kinda-like we’re saying to them… ” you’re going to take me home with you so I can be teaching you step-by-step through this video”😃) ​. My Smart Friend, as with the kind of brand I’m looking to build, I’ve always felt sharing money figures at this stage isn’t the proper way to grow. That’s why you never hear me make claims of earnings​ (I don’t think I have either) So in sharing this, today I wanted to poke you–what’s the little thing you could add to your business offers or services to make you more profitable at the backend?​My hope introducing these coaching sessions was so we could help many more businesses who may not be able to work with my marketing agency on a monthly basis​. A lot of times we may be busy trying to scale up by finding brand new clients in business when a little more profits can come from ‘milking’ the already existing customer base BY PROVIDING MORE VALUE​


New clients are always awesome but all the secret in making more sales isn’t always in sweating to increase clientele. It’s also in creating more products and services that carry your current clients on a journey with you​. That’s why Apple didn’t end at making phones. They knew if you love the quality of their phones, you’d love their laptops. If you love their laptops, you’d love their desktop monitors. If you love their monitors, you’d love to wear an apple watch on your wrist and look all cool (and that’s not all, they’re always finding ways to scale-up by announcing new products)​. What product or service do you currently offer? While you find new clients–how can you make it more profitable at the backend?​?What’s the next thing your current clients always need help with, and how can you step in to PROVIDE MORE VALUE that will increase your sales?​

Some thoughts in my head this week! ​

PS: As with the tete-a-tete marketing consultancy session, it’s still EXCLUSIVE to those who purchase my book or clients I’ve worked with. So if you’re struggling to get clients for your business, I’d love to personally help you set a marketing system that you can rinse and repeat to make sales even in my absence​

Click the link below and get a copy of my book at $8.9(4,900frs).The next page after your purchase will give you a ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY to block in a two hours session with me at $349(xaf 215,000) (for Cameroon-based businesses, you only have to pay half this price for the same two hours). If you already have my book or you’re an existing client, send us an email.​

Go here 👉

 ​Have a good June ahead. Please do and marry if you’re still singu😅​


Arrey Bate​

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