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Arrey Bate on How To Identify Angels And Demons, The Sacred Path To 2022…

My friend, if you’ve made any plans for 2022, then this message is going to help secure bigger succes.As young people growing up, we still have lots of things to figure out but these are two things that will radically skyrocket the wins you get this year and will make you different from any other person around you. 1. Finding your ANGELS and feeding them. ​2. Finding your DEMONS and chasing them. Follow me keenly, I’m not talking about your regular angels and demons. ​Back in 2021 when we started building my company ARREYB Is Marketing, one of the simplest yet very successful practices that made all the difference was my ability to identify my ANGELS and feed them–and to identify my DEMONS and deal with them accordingly.For example , one thing I realised was my super power, was my ability to connect with almost anyone instantly and build a rapport as if we had known each other for long (You may have noticed this if we’ve talked before).​Let me put you into perspective.​In my company 99% of the clients we currently work with, we have never met them.​As we go around pitching businesses, taking sales calls on zoom, sending out emails and trying to woo entrepreneurs and businesses so we can run their Facebook ads, Instagram ads and build sales funnels– all the sales is done online.​This means the only way we can confidently close more deals is when we improve our communication and people skills with prospects and create more rapport. The first 2 mins anyone talks to you is enough for them to make a decision if they will love to work with you or get rid of the connection ​, so my ANGEL in this case, was communication but it wasn’t just enough for me to say ‘I’m good at it’ ​So that year I signed myself up for some more trainings trying to better my game with talking to people and building a connection​Do you know how all this went?​I’m sharing this with you because the narrative out there is usually about finding your weaknesses and working on them. Many leaders and motivational speakers won’t teach you about identifying your super powers and horning down on them. ​,and when you’re building any business, the growth of your business is directly proportionate to your growth as an individual​. Your business will never grow beyond your ​personal growth. If you want to grow your business fast, grow yourself fast! ​Around 4 months ago when we asked our clients to record testimonial videos for us, I went back watching these videos and I found that many of the clients shared how from day one we made them feel comfortable, we listened to them, we communicated and built such an incredible connection that they were comfortable with trusting us in business (I’ll share these testimonials with you later)​That’s how I started reflecting​ . Imagine I spent time crying about my weaknesses and I actually ignored the things I was already good at? ​​That would have been my unique super power and human resource being under exploiteBut this is not about me, it’s about you​You see , the only way you succeed more is when you master your ANGELS and your DEMONS. Everyone has angels and demons but not everyone makes use of them and this is what will make you different​ from your peers. Your ANGELS are the things you’re good at, the things you can do effortlessly and people compliment you highly for it. Your DEMONS are those things you suck at doing. When you look at your life right now, what’s one thing you’re really good at doing and how can you leverage that MORE?​When you’re good at anything, it is an indication that you can be better at it. So spend more time working to improve it and figure out how you can leverage that super power​ for your business or careerI know you’ll ask “but Arrey what about the things I suck at, shouldn’t I improve on them?” There are two ways I think about dealing with my DEMONS, ​Personal DEMONs like anger, indiscipline, a bad habit, my friend by all means make an attempt to keep working on yourself. But for your external DEMONS like the lack of a skill?​
It’s kinda-like a soldier being shot by the enemy at the battle ground. In the heat of the gunshots from the enemy camp you have two options: either to take cover and save your life or to start figuring out how to shoot multiple shoots right in front of you enemy​Which option would you take? Saving yourself first right?​So in 2022, instead of crying over your DEMONS, focus on your strengths and double down on them!​I’m not giving you the right to be comfortable with not improving yourself but my point is, as much as you work to improve on your demons, become even better at what you’re already good at.… then go figure out where you can apply your angels in your business or career for the most leverage​Then find people whose ANGELS are your DEMONS, and learn from them​​.
So , what are your ANGELS and what are your DEMONS?​
Today’s Action Step, I challenge you to identify one ANGEL and one DEMON you have, and write it down (do this immediately you read this, it’ll only take you 2 mins, you can type it on your phone)​
Let’s do this as a team. Click here and go to the private Facebook group and share your one ANGEL which you’re want to improve on this year and one DEMON which you have to get rid of.​
Two things will happen when you do this, it’ll not only help you connect with other members of the community but you’re also holding yourself accountable for good results this year​. Do it now!
I wish you well and I’m rooting for you this year. ​
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