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Arrey Bate talking about Being At your Highest Point

I have heard Steve Harvey share something critical in one of his episodes. He was talking about the years when he started comedy and needed to be the MC, the hype man, the performer and everything else on his shows. But aside his story on building from scratch, my mind drifted to something else It reminded me of a habit I started inculcating recently and how that changed some game for me. The last couple of months, every time I’ve had to record a video ad, get on daily sales calls, go on interviews or speak somewhere, I kinda hype myself into the the energy I wanted to experience Sometimes it’s simply by listening to my favourite song at the time or settling down in silence to put myself in focus. The days when I’ve done this, I’ve been feeling more confident and a little higher energy than the days I jump right in You might be wondering where I’m going with this… You see , what you do before your highest moment counts. It’s not for no reason that when you attend music concerts and comedy shows, there’s always a hype man or DJ who stirs up the crowd before (and during) the headliner’s performance on stage. That’s because the energy level in the room is directly proportional to how the performance is received.Even in Steve Harvey’s story, he said during commercial breaks, they had to bring someone on stage to keep hyping up the crowd so they don’t go cold So my Smart Friend, this is not a necessity for success but it’s important and can change your game… The actions you take before your highest moments have a direct impact on your performance, energy levels and the spirit you carry with you And this will relate not just to temporal things like having calls, interviews, sales calls or events. It’s applicable to every other facet of life. There’s a reason why in every professional boxing match, the opponents get into the room jumping and bouncing like they’re boxing thin air (I’ll talk about this some other day…). To some of you who are spiritual this will come off as preparing yourself in prayer before your highest moments, to others it’ll be putting off some minutes to meditate in your head, and to most of you, it’ll be about finding something within you that sparks your light So my friend, what turns you on and how can you use that to your advantage from today? What’s the common thing that happens around your highest moments and how can you duplicate that to prepare for your moments? Take this as you will and remember we’re building something backstage for the Smart Friends. If you’ve ever wanted to learn from me and the team, start saving up to buy me ‘one man’ in August✊  Arrey BateInternet Entrepreneur |Author | Journalist 
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