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Becoming The Wise Investor-Arrey Bate

My Smart Friend, today I have a personal question to ask you (and please don’t lie to me)​

When you spend your little money every month end, do you ever think about setting aside a little sum for self development?

Or do you just stay and hope that as you continue doing your work and building your career, you’ll grow out of the blues?🤔

I want you to answer honestly because that’s what many of us do​

And that’s exactly what we’re saying to ourselves when we have big dreams but aren’t doing much to invest and develop ourselves into THE HEROES we see in the big picture of our dreams

There’s gonna be a time when you have to stop “hoping” to grow and actually take the required action (and I’ll tell you my crazy experience last month)​

A few days leading up to my birthday on April 10, I went book shopping on amazon and spent around xaf 100k solely on books​

I’m gonna be honest with you , I’m somewhat a lazy reader. I’ve always done better with videos, documentaries, audio books and podcast. So I was doing this with the hope that it’ll spur me up to read more​

And truly, something was different this time (see the image below…)

I noticed that since spending that money on books (an amount I’ve never spent on books at a go), I’ve had such a big commitment to reading those books . It’s funny how this happened

  • For example, I had the book ‘WILL’ by Will Smith (which my friend Joseph offered to pay for me as a birthday gift)​
  • ‘From Wotutu To The World’ by our own Edwin Eselem​
  • ‘How To Become A Successful Professional Footballer’ by Eyong Enoh, former vice captain of he national team (this book is for all professionals not just footballers)​
  • ‘Unleashing The Warrior Within You’ by Godlove Njisong (which was the most recent book I got)

and a few other books… ​

That short experience brought me to the realisation that a lot of times we’re trying so hard to create success and we’re so focused on the big picture that we lose sight of the little things we have to do NOW to grow ourselves into the champions we want to be​

I’ve talked about investing in yourself before. In the email ANGELS and DEMONS, I talk about identifying your strengths and consciously building it (please go back and read/revisit that email)​

It’s kind of similar to how people spend money and travel to visit prophets miles away and then get miracles. 

Do you think those miracles can’t be gotten from around?

While miracles are real, I think a big part of the miracle comes from the mindset created from the entire preparation and investment it takes. The act of spending on travel, lodging, feeding and praying on the road already prepares your faith for the miracle (long story for another day…)​

So my smart friend, as you plan for your week, make conscious plans to invest into yourself, don’t just sit and hope you become better. Start by buying yourself a course, a book, a business tool, a consultancy session or something that helps you chase your career and business goals​


You don’t have to break the bank​

Look around you and identify something you want to learn and ask yourself who is doing so well in it, and how do you invest in benefitting from their experience? ​

Do they have free content on the internet? ​

Do they have videos you can watch? ​

Have they written a book about their journey?​

, the truth is, you can figure it out alone without the help of all these people, but it’ll take you years of trial and error​

Or you can look at someone who has already gone ahead and benefit from their experience. That’ll be like compressing 5,10,15 years of their trial and error journey into hours and building on it in less than no time​

I wish you well this new week ​Join the Facebook group here and share your thoughts and big takeaway

Arrey Bate​

Internet Entrepreneur / Author / Journalist​

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