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Deepen Your Perspective-Arrey Bate

The #1 emails and messages I get every time are friends who reach out and share about their plans to quit their jobs, start a business and how they’re feeling frustrated with their current work

I’ve talked about this before but here’s a new perspective that may change the game for anyone dealing with this.

My dear , there’s a thing we do at our marketing agency. When we sign a new client and we’re onboarding them (onboarding is the process when we’re getting access to their Facebook pages, Instagram handles, email marketing software, websites etc so we can run their ad campaigns)– we always tell the client the reason why we’re working with them

Usually we’d throw in a small line like…

“Hey dear, let’s say you sell water, it is our belief that if we help you to sell 1,000 bottles of water, we’re in another way helping to better the lives of 1,000 people around the world as we get your product into their hands

And that’s the drive we use when we work with people like you who are contributing to people’s lives”

I actually introduced this about a year ago. It came from a perspective that as we help brands to market their products, we’re not just marketing but making people’s lives easy by bringing these life changing products to them and that changed the game

(Sidebar: and the mentality that we “HELP” bring the right product to people, shapes the kind of brands we accept to promote– in essence, our core values. Remind me, go comment under this video  and I’ll speak about values in business someday because it’s so important to set one as you’re growing your career or business)

Back to my point…

When you watch a footballer play on the pitch, you may quickly think all they do is run around the ball trying to get a goal

But when you flip the script and think about the unity football brings to our communities, the joy it ignites in people, the happiness the games bring to people who gather in stadiums, the fun it creates, those moments when football is saving people from staying back in depression and being suicidal–then your perspective of your role as a footballer will start to change

When you watch the news and hear about suicide bombers, isn’t it funny how each of them leave a note about “doing this for a reason”. Some of them say they’re helping Allah ‘purify’ the world from ‘sinners’

Imagine if these guys have a perspective on why they’re causing havoc in the world, what more about you with a genuine goal to impact the world positively?

​My Smart Friend, always give yourself a narrative around your thing. Today I want you to pause and reflect…

What do you do and what’s the narrative around your thing?

​If you’re a cleaner, you’re not just cleaning, you’re literally saving the lives of thousands of people who would be infected by diseases when you don’t clean ​

When you create a narrative, it’ll not only give you a sense of purpose and reason to wake up to your job every day, it’ll also raise the esteem with which you regard your work and how you fit your purpose into the bigger goal of humanity

I’m not giving you a reason to stay at the same level–I’m saying that BEING HERE at this level, while you work on yourself and plan to raise the bar for yourself, the idea is to have as much fun in the process and enjoy what that moment is teaching you

You need to remember that whatever stage you are right now, as long as you keep building and investing in yourself, this is the lowest stage you’re ever going to be in life

We don’t have crazy days, we just have the last days of our lowest levels, so enjoy them and keep putting in the work

I’d love you to take immediate action. We’re looking for 5 people who are bold enough and happy to share their perspective in the Facebook group. All you have to do is write a paragraph or two sharing what you do and the perspective you’re adding to it (We will approve the first 5)

There are no right or wrong perspectives, I’m curious to read what you write after reading this and it’ll also be a good way to network with those in there.

Please share this message with someone.

Speak soon

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Arrey Bate

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