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Desperate to succeed

6 years ago I made a phone call to my mom that changed my life. Every 10th of April on my birthday, I try and make a personal commitment for the next phase of my life and live up to it no matter the cost

During my second year of university, the bar was to get off my little allowance. My Smart Friend, It may not sound much of a thing but my parents don’t get much, I knew how hard they fought whenever they sent a 5,000frs allowance so I wanted to “free” them of that stress and find ways to fend for myself

It wasn’t going to be easy. I knew I never wanted to go back on my words. But I think a lot of actions I took from that time were based on me asking myself “where else would you run to if everything failed?” and that changed my determination to succeed at anything I did

Today I never tell people or friends in this community to stay out of school or drop your allowance because I know our situations are different

My hope in sharing this was for you to understand that most times, the first step is the only step you need to see to start moving forward. God has this funny way of unravelling the journey, it becomes clearer only when you put your first foot forward

Haven’t you noticed?

A lot of times our biggest miracles happen when we step out of our comfort zone, not necessarily because the comfort zone stops you from growing, but because being out of comfort creates a new sense of desperation which translates into our commitment to win – Arrey Bate

As with the journey…

When you first start, it’s always about yourself. It’s a me me thing. But as you grow into responsibility, you quickly find out that focus changes to building the people around, friends and family. It’s kinda-like a woman who starts having kids and they quickly become the centre of her world

Today the friends in my personal life know my obsession with serving people. I spend most of my days thinking how to contribute to the people around me and that to me, has become the biggest gain of this journey

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Let’s keep walking together, Arrey


Arrey Bate

Internet Entrepreneur / Author / Journalist

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