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Did You See This Online?-Arrey Bate

Hey this is Jane…
I don’t know if you have seen this online but this is so emotional and yet mind blowing😢💔​
In case you missed the trending story…​
The doctor gave Jane 6 months to live after she was diagnosed of cancer​
JANE is a 30 year old singer who goes by the artist name NIGHTBIRDE. She was recently on America’s Got Talent where she made the judges tear up after listening to her story​
I actually came across her 3 days ago on iTunes​
I noticed she was topping Itunes charts on spot #1 for trending songs and I got curious to look her up immediately
That was how I fell on her emotional story​
In September 2017 Jane was diagnosed with 3rd stage breast cancer. After the first chemotherapy, the doctors declared her cancer free​
Can you believe what happened next ?​
In 2020 she was diagnosed with cancer AGAIN! ​
This time, her husband who could no longer cope with her, said he was moving on. He immediately filed for a divorce! ​
“I was diagnosed with cancer, given six months to live. Two weeks later, I went through divorce. My husband said he didn’t want to do it anymore” Jane shared in an interview I watched​
But she defeated cancer for the second time​
On July 20, 2020, Nightbirde posted a celebratory video on social media declaring that she was “cancer free”​
But that wasn’t the end… ​
Cancer returned in 2021 and her doctors said this time, she had only a 2% chance of survival ​
They said she’d only live for 6 months, and then ‘go away’
During her AGT audition, Nightbirde walked on stage with a broad smile and shared the personal news in more detail while singing her original song “It’s Okay”, a song she composed in the middle of her battles ​
She said she had “some cancer” in her lungs, spine and liver, and later revealed that she was given a 2% chance of survival​
“But Arrey, what’s up this emotional story today?”​
I’ll tell you one part but you have to figure out the other on your own… ​
When Howie told her that “nobody would ever know” she was dealing with cancer, Nightbirde replied… ​
“Thank you. It’s important that everyone knows that I’m so much more than the bad things that happen to me… ​ You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore before you decide to be happy.”​
Nightbirde’s viral audition has been making trends online​
Everyone has been talking about her joy and smile despite having to deal with all the troubles​
Right before my eyes, I watched her Instagram account grow by over 100,000+ followers in less than 3 days​
This equals millions of streams to her original song “It’s Okay” (which she fought hard to record in between surgeries) ​
Several interviews, podcasts and TV shows she has been appearing on​
Although none of these things will actually make sense when issues of life and death are concerned… 
Whatever you pick from it, “It’s Okay” to always take a moment to be grateful for the moments you live​
It is also okay to keep creating and building your thing backstage even in the moments when you don’t feel like it​
These are the things that will serve you whenever an opportunity arises​
Imagine if she didn’t fight to live in her potential because when was given 6 months to live? ​
Whatever you pick from this​
It’s in your best interest to live your best life now​
Whatever you’re building, keep building ​
Live your best life everyday​
My friend Emenike Emmanuel always says “Life doesn’t give anyone a special opportunity to rehearse how to live it”​
Stay Strong my friend ​
Like I always say, “Cheers to many more years of shamelessly living and crazily excelling in passion and purpose” ​

Arrey Bate​
Internet Entrepreneur | Author | Journalist​

Ps: Watch Jane’s emotional auditions here

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