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Do You Truly DESERVE The Things You WANT Right Now?: Arrey Bate On Growth

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My dear friends, do you truly DESERVE the things you WANT right now?

This morning as I was in the shower, I was in there scrubbing my tiny body and dancing then I got a quick epiphany which I wanted to share with you

It was a heavy reflection on one particular thing

Many years ago I remember I was dying to get this particular thing so badly that I felt frustrated when it didn’t come. I thought I was a failure! Today I suddenly got the realisation that I now have this thing, and it came without so much stress

In case you didn’t get the point so fast…

I may not mention this thing because it may not make any sense to you like it means to me

But this got me thinking that all I needed to do was GROW, and then God lets me have it now that I’m able to manage it

A lot of times, it appears we’re eagerly asking God or nature (whatever you believe in) for something so precious, and he’s just watching and saying all we have to do is GROW to be able to manage the things we ask

It’s kinda-like your 9 year old son asking for the keys to the car because he’s YOUR son

And you the father is looking at him and saying “All the work I do and the legacy I’m tirelessly struggling to build is for YOU my son, so GROW up and own not just the car but all the other wealth I own”

My dear friends, this is to you and to myself, If you haven’t got it yet, as much as you KEEP PRAYING, KEEP GROWING! Keep Investing In Yourself
Do you get the picture?

When you’re 9, a ‘shaving bic’ is not a priority, but when you’re 29, it’s abnormal if you don’t own one to clean up!

My dear friend, If you haven’t got it yet, as much as you KEEP PRAYING, KEEP GROWING! Keep Investing In Yourself!

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