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Arrey Bate Speaks on Motivation

Here’s the real truth

Motivation is an important part of the success equation. It will fire you up. But the fire is temporary. And what matters more, is what you do with the temporary feeling. Motivational speakers are very important. Take advantage of the fire they bring in the halls, turn it into something permanent when you’re alone (study and actually apply). Because nothing will change untill you take action, implement and and get your fingers dirty. The fact that some charlatans have limited motivation to repeating scripts and alliterations, not personal and successful busines experiences, does not make motivation less any value. You haven’t stop drinking good wine because bad wine exist

Motivational speakers are key

And even so, I believe there’s no greater motivation than actual success stories and experiences. It’s actually the same rock on which AB Afrikpreneur is built, the belief that personal experiences speak and motivate better than scripts and rehearsed quotes

So who do you listen to?

Remember that everyone will do well with the mic if given the chance

Pick your motivation wisely and make sure to run with it

Cheers to everyone trying to find their path and to those already walking in it

Cheers to many more years of shamelessly living and crazily excelling in passion and purpose

Arrey Bate

Internet Entrepreneur,

Author, best selling book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media”

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