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‘Sales is like Relationships’ – Arrey Bate

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Sales is like Relationships…

A lot of times we’re not in a relationship with the people we consider the most attractive

It is those we feel most connected to, and have built an understanding with them irrespective of how good they appear phisically

The past two weeks I’ve had the time to take 17 sales calls on zoom for our marketing agency

At the start of every call, I developed a small attitude of asking simple questions like “how was your day? How is family?”

This morning as I went back to rewatch those sessions. The common thing I noticed in those calls is how much energy I felt in those moments when we gunuinely connected that up untill the main SALE, it was either a client couldn’t afford the fee for my service at the time, or there was some genuine logistical issue

When you’re an entrepreneur, a coach or business owner and you’re selling anything, you’ll quickly discover that many times, the sale is never in the pitch!

It’s always in the power of genuinely connecting with people and making them feel you truly understand their need

I’m curious to find out what you think, do you agree with me?

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