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Shifting Your Old Money Mindsets-Arrey Bate

Dear , for you and me growing up, a lot of times we watched our parents run into daily financial problems. Some of them ran away from landlords, quarrelled with debtors and struggled with the little they made to feed the family​. Back in primary school days, there was this local shop where my Dad would say “go and take ‘this’, and tell Mr XYZ I’ll pay at the end of the month…” (God bless our parents for being so selfless in providing for us…)​ You see , the other thing we may not realize is how those little events gradually shape us as a generation and the regard we start to place on money ​when we don’t work on ourselves. Maybe you have experienced something similar?​ As you grow, as much as working hard becomes a big part of your success, your mentality about money has everything to do with how you attract it into your life​. That’s why you’d often hear motivational coaches say things like ‘look at yourself in the mirror and confess it to yourself’. It comes from the proof that whatever repeatedly happens around you is being recorded in your subconscious. Your subconscious becomes your mindset and your mindset gradually manifests into your reality​. Today I’m asking you my friend, in all you do, endeavour to normalize having conversations around money with friends, relatives and business associates​. I know those awkward seconds of silence over who pays the bills on a drinking table. Or when a friend says let’s go ‘here’ and you know it is out of your budget​. A lot of times when we shy away from conversations around money, we’re subconsciously telling ourselves that we aren’t deserving of money. A part of us records that we’re inferior, insecure and we automatically place money as a thing that is beyond us… ​


If you’re with people who are close, start chipping in little conversations around your financial capabilities and expectations, and remember its okay to say NO to the things you can’t now​. It’s not about revealing how much is left in your account, it’s knowing when to say “I can’t afford this” and being comfortable with yourself– knowing that you’re building on a journey that will bring more than you currently have​

So my friend, practice being more comfortable with conversations around money even when you can/can’t afford. The first few times may feel a little uncomfortable but I promise you, keep having an open mind and your mindset will change​. It’ll not only create some free mental space but bring a fresh breeze of security to your life.​ And that goes with saying, as a young person in your 20s or 30s, when you get into financial dealings, always endeavour to fulfil your part of the deal and stay trustworthy. Do your best to be the person that others can trust with their money while they slee.

Arrey Bate​

Internet Entrepreneur | Author | Journalist

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