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[The 1kRule] Arrey Bate’s 1,000 Rule For Every Young Entrepreneur & Career Starter

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In July 2017 when I started out with political blogging, it was one small promise to myself that saved my career and brought me here…

Today I’m about to share with you one BIG SECRET I discovered over the years and how you can instantly implement this for yourself even if you’re just getting started in business or your career!

A lot of times we’re foolish enough to give up on our dreams so easily and we quickly blame it on the system or the things around us

(I’m not trying to downplay the role of the system in our success, but the system in my opinion, will take a long while to be fixed)

I read somewhere that it is not necessarily the best people who succeed at anything, it is the people who are crazy enough to show up every day

When I started out with political blogging, I promised myself that I was going to consistently write and publish 1,000 articles (one article every day) on my news website ARREYB.COM

It was a process I later renamed THE 1,000 RULE

Do you know what happened with the 1,000 Rule?

I’ve shared a part of this story before but I wanted to share this again because it’s so important and will change many things for you if you get this …

I didn’t make any good money from blogging my very first year

In fact, I spent more than I earned from my political platform until when I started rolling around with some political figures who oiled my mouth…

Some days I published one article, other times I did two a day, and on the days I failed to keep up with the routine, I tried to catch up during the week

But something interesting happened and things started to open up better

Around my 400th article I remember my thoughts began to open to many of the opportunities around the internet which was (is still) my office

Do you get the picture?

Imagine working on your dream for the next 1,000 days of your life NON-STOP (beginning from TODAY)

Do you think you’ll be at this same level?

When you choose a thing you want to focus your life on, you’ll quickly realise that the next BIG OATH you have to take for yourself is to be consistent and roll your sleeves even in the days when you don’t feel like it’ – Arrey Bate

If you’ve been working on something this month, set a time frame to be consistent and monitor your progress. Consistency will bring you natural experience and will open you up to many opportunities (even if you fail)

In my experience, I’ve been learning to put numbers into my consistency plan and it is this same system I’ve shared with my friends and those I’m opportuned to mentor


If you’re running a business, what will it mean for you to put in 1,000 hours of your time into your business?

If you’re an artist, what will it mean for you to consistently put out 100 records?

If you’re a Youtuber, what will it mean to consistently put out 100 videos?

What will all these mean to you career and your business?

What are you working on this month and how purposeful are you about being consistent and showing up? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section

Arrey Bate
Internet Entrepreneur | Journalist |Author

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