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The Missing Steve

Dear Smart Friend,

If you have ever dreamt of soaring to new heights but find yourself grounded by endless setbacks, failure, and frustration, this one secret will save you years of painful trial and error.

In 2021, I made a crazy decision to pay a 21-year-old one million francs to learn something he was doing differently. I’ll call him “Steve”

Steve was clearly younger than me, but something he did produced different results.

The first time I stumbled on his stuff, I couldn’t believe it.

He was making over 50 times what I was making at the time.

That means if I made $1 per month, Steve made $50 that month. And the month I made $100, Steve was clocking in at 100 x 50 (but I was making more than this).

I started chasing Steve and finding out more about his journey and systems.

I signed up for all his free emails.

I read every post he made on social media.

Watched all his videos, attended all his events and bought all the low end stuffs he sold.

And when I discovered he had paid sessions where I could speak to him directly, I did what every entrepreneur, career person, and business owner needs to become good at doing–I brought out my wallet, threw my credit card at Steve, and asked for his sessions.

I paid one million for 20 hours of his coaching time.

It was the first time I paid anyone that much to learn apart from regular school fees (I still have a screen recording of me completing that purchase on his website).

Most of the things I tried before then didn’t work beyond a certain level 

But shortly after picking a few mentors to follow, learning a thing here and there, I got my hands dirty with the work 

A few of the real secrets started to compound on each other over time. I noticed that each new trial helped me discover one thing which led to another, and then another…

And some of the stuff that seemed completely unattainable before slowly became a reality.

The months ahead I had my first 4 million month.

Recorded a couple of multiple hundred thousand days (and just last week, we grossed 500k in two nights—I’ll talk about this later).

You see, my Smart Friend, I don’t say all this to brag (although I’m genuinely proud of myself).

It didn’t come instantly either.

It took years and months of consistently building and chasing others who were already ahead.

Today, I still try to repeat this process almost every time I’m venturing into something new.

In fact, I tell all my friends and mentees that the fastest way to delve into any field or career is to find someone who is already succeeding and model them.

Because there’s nothing you’re trying to do right now that someone around the world hasn’t done before.

For me, it was marketing. I had to find people I could learn from.

I modeled their systems, learned what tools they were using, understood their units of measurement, and tried to constantly build systems like they did.

My dear Friend, everyone has a Steve (or a group of Steves) they can model. It is your job to fish out these persons in your life, chase them, and start to feed off their energy. Some of them have a thorn of free content to consume.

For others, it will require you to throw your wallet at them, but I promise you—as long as you have vetted them as the go-to expert through their works, stories, and results—it will be worth it.

You may succeed on your own, but it’ll take you years of your life in trial and error.

Or you could model some Steves and squeeze down their years of failures into months of hard work that will get you ahead faster. 

I’ll tell you the bitter truth…

Either ways, YOU WILL STILL PAY! In years of your life or in a few pennies that will save you time and error.

I hope you take action today and go chase the big men in your industry. Conduct your due diligence, get every free stuff they have out, and if it requires you to throw your wallet at them, then save gradually up and do it!

Arrey Bate

Internet Entrepreneur | Author | Journalist 

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