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These Unfulfilled Dreams- Arrey Bate

Twenty something years ago growing up as a child, I made a somewhat stupid vow …

I remember promising myself “when I grow up, I’m gonna own a big ice cream machine and make myself several cups of creams every day The kid in me looked at every grown-up and I kept wondering how they made all that money and not enjoy some on ice cream?

And for you , maybe your childhood desire was to eat suya(meat) every day

There’s this fantasy every child has growing

You probably dreamt of the day when you’ll be able to buy as many sticks of suya, and chew until your gums starts aching (or maybe it was something similar to this)

We all had that childhood thing

But , isn’t it funny how things have changed now?

Just when you can afford all the suya around, suya is no longer the thing you want

You see my friend, as we grow into maturity, our priorities are always changing and they’re gonna be based on our current perspective and the level at which our minds have evolved

It’s kinda-like a 9 year old son eagerly asking his dad for the keys to the car

‘Dad why don’t you let me drive the car, I thought you said they’re all mine?

And the father is saying…

 “All the legacy I’m building is truly yours, but you have to grow up and inherit not just the car but all my wealth”​

My Smart Friend, I’ve talked about this before but I wanted to share again this week, because it’s so important and will change the way we approach our needs and the things God sends our way

Sometimes we need something so badly, and we’re asking God why he doesn’t send it our way. 

When he’s also waiting for us to grow into the full maturity of handling those things

If you haven’t got it yet, as much as you KEEP PRAYING, KEEP GROWING! Keep Investing In Yourself​ – Arrey Bate

So this new week, take the time to recount, what’s one thing you were dying to get many years ago–and you felt frustrated it didn’t come–but you have today. without stress?

How thankful are you that it came just when you were able to handle it?

And for the things you’re asking right now, how prepared are you?

Not only will recounting help you appreciate the process, it’ll also open you up to some things you should be thankful for. 

Go on the The Facebook Group, get in and quickly share one thing you were desperately looking to have 5 years ago–which you now have. It doesn’t have to be long, may be two or three paragraphs, tell the Smart Friends how that happened and if you learnt any lesson from it. (Pleased don’t ignore this. I’m still blocked from using FB groups but able to read everything lol)

Wish you a good week ahead

Arrey Bate

Internet Entrepreneur | Author | Journalist​

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