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‘When Will You Marry?’-Arrey Bate

Dear, on that Monday I was making a travel and had just gotten to Istanbul,Turkey. I sat somewhere to pick a drink then get on my next transit journey. It didn’t occur to me that I had already moved into the Eastern European time zone.I didn’t notice that my watch and phone were still on a GMT+1 time😢. I’ll be honest with you, I missed my next flight. Confused, I ran to the onboarding terminal and some two ladies looked me in the eye and said to me ‘sir you’ve missed it, the plane doors are closing up now’ (you know how they say it nicely). Hmmmmm Dear, I had to painstakingly re-book to get on the very next flight which was to leave in 5 hours. Meaning I had to hang around for a couple more hours before takeoff

Here’s the thing … 

I pulled out my phone to write my experince (as I’d usually do). I started writing, gazing gently at a couple who sat next to me, it came to mind that I had spent the previous three months like a bird, jumping from one place to another, making travels – partly because I had not started building a family

But why am I sharing this with you today?

Dear, the truth is if you’re single and you’re not having a great time being single, you won’t enjoy marriage when it comes (these were the first words I wrote down for myself). Because I was single, I had the tiny liberty of making some quick travel plans and to make some decisions without much fear of its immediate effect on family. When she gets home, my night activities and sleeping time will definitely change, my pillow placements will shift and the wardrobe will be thick with rainbow colors. It was going to be obvious, my energy will be deeply focused on building a solid home, I will be soaked in giving my family a broad smile and building a dream life for my woman and the kids.

Dear, even as you move on to celebrate love today, don’t let the pressure of marriage thunder you. If you don’t have skin for it now muscle up, build your skills, self develop and be sure to maximize the period of your life 

”There’s no pride in marrying early, unprepared’Marriage is definitely lovely, but run into it only when you feel you’re ready

Today is Vals, take time to cheerish those you love but also remember if you’re single it’s ample time to build yourself, top your dating game, work on your skills and use this time to put more energy to your life now that you’re alone

Don’t let any pressure to thunder you … 

Dear, the best song for today is ‘Good Girl’ – send it to your valy and watch them go crazy😂. The song is actually a fresh release by our own Salatiel (who collobaroated with Beyonceand Afrikpreneur2019 Entrepreneurial Man of the year) Good Girl features Rutshelle Guillaume and is one song of his upcoming Album. Check it out … 

 Keep crushing it, 

Happy love day from our team

Arrey Bate

Internet Entrepreneur

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