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You Don’t Need To Post It To Prove It-Arrey Bate

“Last night was so much fun”
Don’t feel pressured to have to ‘perform’ for thousands of strangers online. Break off from the chain, they’re not your real friends.The day nothing is really happening in your life, you’ll be tempted to invent what didn’t quite happen just so you can keep up.Then comes the fear of being caught like a thief
And then the social anxiety as everyone subliminally tries to show off “they’re staying on the sky, having a better time than the last time”.You start to hang out with people you don’t really like, at places you don’t really want to be, so you can have something to show off to your “invigilators”. Let’s not talk about the social pressure of not being caught in the same outfit twice. Who made these rules? The same unthinking mob?
Engineers and experts with PhDs in psychology that are working around the clock to ensure you keep feeding?
When you choose to go out, enjoy the experience like every other person. Take pictures and make videos because you need to document your special memories for later, not because you feel pressured to bring about entertainment for the social media mob
They don’t care about you.
They’re not your real friends
The mob doesn’t care that even with all the pressure, you privately carry on with the general cost of being alive these days
The mob doesn’t care about the intermittent depression that sings for you whenever you have nothing to post, and then you scroll through your newsfeed and see someone else having a good time and your heart starts jumping faster
What you don’t know is that behind the smiling faces, they’re probably just as socially anxious as you
Take some time, take charge of your life again and give yourself some accolades
You don’t owe the mob an explanation of your progress
They’re not your real friends

You don’t need to post it to prove it.

Regards from all of us at ARREYB Media

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 Stay strong

Arrey Bate

Internet Entrepreneur,

Author, best selling book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media”

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