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You’re Not Doing Enough-Arrey Bate

I’ve recently seen too many people proud of how they work 18 hours a day, on weekends and barely getting sleep​They brag that if you’re not doing all that you’re not doing it right. ​That’s exactly what I did when I first started out with all that early stage anxiety​.I was crushing it all nights, my eyes sunk deep into my head​. Then it quickly got miserable. ​I’ve talked about this before when I shared the story from my mom’s battle with gastric for over 20 years, her lack of rest and the day I walked into the room to see her lying on the floor in pain.​That experience triggered something in my approach and till today she’d always ask me not to follow in her shoes when it comes to how she treated rest​. You see , I know I talk a lot about business and diligently building your career. ​And I know my audience, we’re all in our 20s and 30s grinding so hard to build a vibrant brand and create impact in the world​.Get this, ​’Never get wasted by the work you do that it ruins you of the very impact you’re trying to create. You need YOU to be able to survive and stand strong for those around you’ – Arrey Bate​. A lot of times we’re trying to create so much impact with our work that we end up being drained by the process at the detriment of family, those around us– and we ignore the golden personal space which is time to recharge and reconnect back to yourself. ​So my Smart Friend, from this week, make time to build your relationships (or if you can’t make time at this stage, don’t have one)​ Keep time to have a refreshing sleep and lookout on yourself thoroughly​. Sometimes, doing more means more…​…. rest​… quality sleep for quality performance ​… quality time with loved ones​.Time off does not mean time wasted. Because without you, the big picture and every other thing will fall apart (and I’m sad to say ‘life will move on’). ​It’s not always the hours you put in but rather how productive you are with the hours you spend ​
This week, what can you do to better care for yourself?​
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Have a good week ahead. Today I won’t ask you to go and marry, you guys fired back at me last week until iyam tayad lol. Just join the group and share your biggest takeaway there…
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