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Competition In Business-Arrey Bate

Hey Dear, I presume you started the year with some big plans so this screenshot should definitely be helpful  About 20 days ago I got a message from someone asking what I’d do about competition in my business 👇 ​ ​.We had a really cool chat and I asked his permission to share our discussion with you, so quickly, let me share with you one thing John and I talked about. I also talked about this same thing in this social media audio-book conversation last month (if you’ve not had it yet,go and take it now, it’s FREE only for a few hours) Dear ,when you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll always have to deal with competition all the time. So what do you think is the real strategy to kick out these guys ? Truth is, there’s no single way to deal with competition in business and the challenges are different depending on your industry niche, the product market price, your production cost, business budget, the competing brand you’re up against and a bunch of other factors ​ When I first posted this in December, so many people reacted and now I’m curious to hear what someone like you may think after reading it  
 Our team wishes you well Dear, I hope this helped and have a great week ahead
Arrey Bate Internet Entrepreneur,
Author, best selling book “How To Make Money, Build Right Relationships With Social Media”

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