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Doing Less Is Doing More-Arrey Bate

Every day I make a small list of the things I want to get done and drop it on my table​

Sometimes when I’m stepping out, I’ll carry that paper in my pocket or throw the list into a junk WhatsApp chat in my phone ( I’m sure you also have a chat where you dump all the rubbish?😅) ​

So recently I’ve been noticing something and this could shape your 2022 plans​

On the days when I write down 5 or more tasks to complete, it felt like I ended up screwing my entire day. I’ll touch a bit of all 5 things and finally not complete any of them​

Do you also notice this with yourself ? Every time you have 10, 15, 20 things to do, you either end up looking frustrated or the thought of doing those things actually cripple you until the day is consumed​

The funny thing I noticed? ​

On the days I write just 2 or 3 solid things to do, I bury my head down until I get them done, and then at the end of the day I feel really achieved​

Follow me carefully, here’s the real message​

I wanted to share this because this is so important and will change many things for you when you know this. This wouldn’t relate just to daily task ,​

2022 has started and if you’re anything like me, you’ve written down a small list of goals to try this year​. The ones I didn’t complete last year, I’ve piled and added for this year, together with the new targets I’m aiming for​

But , most of us who have written down 50 things we want to achieve this year, will probably have to be honest with ourselves and our present capacity

You see, a lot of times we end up piling so much on our plate that it becomes too much to chew and swallow​

Pity your oesophagus​

I remember one of my mentors used to always tell me “Arrey LESS is MORE” and I don’t think I fully understood that until after I sat down to reflect​

If you have made numerous plans for 2022, be honest with yourself, set the right priorities and focus your energy on the real achievable goals. ​

It’s kinda-like me telling God and saying “Dear God, by this time next week I want to find a wife, get married and have a son…”​

​Do you think all these make sense under normal human conditions?​

So , this week, I want you to understand that in the game of life, sometimes doing LESS IS MORE. ​

If you watch the movie ‘The Karate Kid’, at one point the kid kept feeling frustrated that when he showed up for training, his mentor will ask him to repeatedly take off his shirt and wear it​

But did you notice how the practice and focus helped him during the main fight? ​

I know my audience, we’re young, vibrant with hot blood and we’re always eager for more life and achievements… ​

But a lot of times when we aim for so much, we end up aiming for nothing ​

In 2022, SET REAL ACHIEVABLE GOALS and bury your energy to work towards those few goals

my friend, LESS is MORE​


Action step this week!​

1. Revisit your 2022 goals and make some priorities. All of your goals could be RIGHT but are they REALISTIC for one year? Tick the main priorities and ask yourself, how do I focus towards achieving only 3,4 or 5 this year?​

Step 2: we created a Facebook group for the entire community to gather, share often and be in the midst of people working towards building their lives. I don’t know why you haven’t joined yet but here’s the link one more time. Join the Facebook group Now!​ 

I wish you a good week ahead​​

Arrey Bate ​

Internet Entrepreneur | Journalist | Author

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