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Get Your Passport Ready-Arrey Bate

I’m gonna be quick with this one. Last week I came across a really cool international opportunity for anyone to travel on a fully funded trip. One of my friends sent it to me, and when I went over it, I was convinced it could be a really good opportunity to share with others. So I decided to keep some time and privately send it to some of my friends and those I knew were up to something entrepreneurial around me (maybe you got a private message from me ?)  I shared this opportunity with around 100 friends and can you guess what happened?About the opportunity, all you needed to have was a valid PASSPORT!
Honestly, the one thing that triggered this writing was when around 70% of those friends wrote back to say “Arrey I don’t have a passportListen to me carefully…You see , I’ll not sit here and bash on anyone for not having a passport but I know my audience, we’re mostly youngsters in our 20s and 30s(and some early 40s). We’re all vibrant and hustling people who are struggling to build a solid stand-alone business and career that can feed us, our families and some extra for friends and the community …isn’t it? But a lot of times, we get stuck in the loop of always looking for the next business ‘knowledge’ and the next motivation that we forget to actually make a little preparation for the opportunities we’re looking forFor example , if you’re building a business or career right now– and your hope is that one day you’ll get more international exposure and share your story to the world, think about the opportunity and how to start to preparing for it (while you work)That’s why I talk about the passport thing…If I’m being honest with you in this writing, I’m facing something similarI remember 3 years ago one of my friends chased me around more than 15 times asking that I come learn how to drive and apply for a licence…For some reason, driving seemed a little far to me, I don’t know if that was me underestimating my growth in some way. Right now with my current life and schedule, I have to begin an entire process.
I’m gonna try and introduce a slot called ACTION STEP in every writing I send to you from today
Today’s action step is simple! I want you to write it down somewhere and purpose in your 2022 goals create some order around yourself
‘But Arrey I already have a valid passport or a passport is not my priority at this point’ 
I’m sharing about passports today but I hope you see this as me being symbolical to you putting your life in order. Prepare the little things about your life, your career and keep them handy 
(, I consider myself an organised person and I could tell you hundreds of stories about how being organised in little areas of my life prepared me for some opportunities when they came)
So maybe a passport isn’t one of your worries right now, If you know you will one day need to urgently compile documents and send them ‘somewhere’, endeavour to scan them now and have them handy
If you don’t drive like my poor self, and you know you will need it on your journey, plan to learn driving and sort out a licence for yourself (don’t listen to friends who say you’d forget to drive after months)
Or maybe it’s a skill you need and you know it’s going to help ease your life or business, now is the time to start budgeting the time and money to learn it 
If you’re on a tight budget and it’s hard to instantly raise some much money (I understand with you, all of us have tight budgets)
Here’s what I always do when I want to get something done but I currently have other financial commitments…
I create a small investment plan for that project and start to save up for it every month. If I make ‘X’ this month, I deprive myself of one little thing and save ‘x’ and ‘x’ amount in one corner. You can start by saving up a little sum every month for your passport, driving license or the skill you want to learn.
I wish you well this new week and I’d talk to you soon my friend. Don’t forget to SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH SOMEONE
PS: I’m sending you a second email today. The second is about joining the official Facebook group we just created to connect everyone in the community… Haha if you want to join the group even before you read the second email, JOIN NOW so you can become a founding member.
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Arrey Bate
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