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How To Deal With Many Ideas…

How many times have you got an idea and you thought ‘that was the NEXT BIG IDEA’ but the next day a better one popped up and you were like 🤷🏼‍♂️?​

I see so many of us caught up in this that we forget one thing… ​

The number one trouble with smart and innovative people is that you constantly find ideas popping in your brain every time and the next idea always feels a lot sexier than the current one you’re working on​

haha I was reading something yesterday… ​

do you know it takes 25 years for a Chinese child to become a Shaolin Kung Fu Master?​

In China, boys who enter the temple at age 5, graduate at 25 as “Warrior Monks”, and this is the first level of mastery. ​

And if you want to achieve a full mastery in the Shaolin tradition it takes FOREVER as it is considered to be a lifetime endeavour​

‘Why is this so Arrey? Can’t I do all of them at once?’​

I’ve talked about this before, it all boils down to WHO takes action every time! But most importantly those who apply ONE idea first, FOCUS on it and stay CONSISTENT.​

​Focus will win every time my friend, it puts all your energy in one basket and puts you ahead of the struggling masses ​

I used to battle with this, I thought it was cool to focus on every idea that came to mind, and then I noticed how fast I was soon becoming a ​ jack of all trades, CEO of 7, master of none🤷🏼‍♂️​

So my dear , if an idea comes to you today and you don’t do anything with it, don’t beat yourself up! Understand that this game needs FOCUS LIKE A MONK​

That said, shout out to Brendaline for asking such a good question about how I deal with new ideas which caused me to write this email for everyone in the community. Click here to watch my reply to Brendaline and discover 2 things I do when I get a brand new idea and how you can instantly steal that process for yourself ​

I hope this not only helps but motivates you to get out today and focus on ONE THING ! We’re making some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTs in the weeks ahead so stay tuned… !

Arrey Bate​

Internet Entrepreneur | Author | Journalist

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