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John Cena’s Life Lesson Will Leave You Emotional & Change Your Mind…

This might start off as one of the BIGGEST lessons you’ll see today👀😱​

When I was growing up, the wrestler John Cena used to be one of my childhood heroes​ 

I watched Cena fight every week at WWE but I never looked at it from the perspective one kid just did and how he saved his dying mom​

​To put you into perspective, in this very emotional video which is now trending, a kid talks (in tears) narrating how John Cena’s message to “never give up” helped his mom when she was diagnosed with cancer and was about to go in for surgery​

The kid said John Cena gave him a wristband which he handed to his sick mom during her surgery and said to her “John Cena says you should never give up!”​

I’m going to be honest with you ,​

​As I was growing up, it only appeared to me that he (Cena) was a powerful fighter who used to beat up people and that was all it meant to me🤷🏼‍♂️…​

Do you get my point?​

​ Watching this kid narrate his story teaches me that whatever you do, the interpretation matters​

For example, If you’re playing football, sometimes you may quickly think you’re just going for the goal​

But when you think about the unity football brings to our countries/communities, the peace it ignites, the happiness the games bring to people who gather in bars to watch matches, the fun it creates, those moments when football is saving people from staying back in depression and being suicidal–then your perspective of your job as a footballer will start to change​

I could go on and on with different professions​

​ , what do you do?, it’s important to give yourself a sense of narrative around your thing. If you have one already, remind yourself of it every time​

You’re not just existing, you’re literally saving the lives of people with the little thing you do​

If you’re a cleaner, you’re not just cleaning, you’re literally saving the lives of thousands of people who would be infected by diseases when you don’t clean ​

When you create a narrative, it’ll not only give you a sense of purpose and reason to wake up to your job every day, it’ll also raise the esteem with which you regard your work!​

Do you agree with me ?​

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Click Here to watch this video now and it’ll change your mind and how you regard work (it’s only 3mins)​

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