Arrey bate

Desperate to succeed

6 years ago I made a phone call to my mom that changed my life. Every 10th of April on my birthday, I try and make a personal commitment for the next phase of my life and live up to it no matter the cost

Deepen Your Perspective-Arrey Bate

The #1 emails and messages I get every time are friends who reach out and share about their plans to quit their jobs, start a business and how they’re feeling frustrated with their current work

You’re Not Doing Enough-Arrey Bate

I’ve recently seen too many people proud of how they work 18 hours a day, on weekends and barely getting sleep​They brag that if you’re not doing all that you’re not doing it right

Arrey Bate Throws light On How To Go DEEP Not WIDE

In 2021, I introduced a special tete-a-tete marketing consultation where I charge $349 (xaf 215,000) for two hours👇​At first I was a little scared about launching this session for several reasons​.